Chair of EARTO WG Impact & Senior Researcher, TNO

Dr Marcel de Heide is a senior researcher in economics at TNO, with about 20 years of relevant experience. He is involved in policy advise primarily for the European Commission and the Dutch government (e.g. the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands). His research and consultancy activities address primarily policies aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of a country or a region (e.g. Industrial Policy and RTDI policy, including policies aimed at financing research and innovation).

Marcel de Heide conducted his doctoral research in economics at the Tinbergen Institute / Erasmus University (NL), and the Università degli Studi di Milano (IT).  His thesis, entitled “R&D, Innovation and the Policy Mix”, addresses the effectiveness and efficiency of government intervention by means of different instruments (e.g. subsidies, regulations concerning collaboration, loans and fiscal incentives), and how to optimize this set of tools. He also obtained an MSc. in Industrial Design Engineering from the Delft University of Technology.

Prior to his current position at TNO, Marcel de Heide worked for various international consultancy agencies, advising national and supra-national governments on research and innovation policy. He was furthermore employed as a policy advisor for the Directorate-General  for Innovation of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.